Beech Bed Slats

Bed slat — is a rectangular bent bar, produced by gluing several layers of veneer and its further cutting to the necessary sizes. Bed slat is necessary for bed and sofas manufacturers as a base that provides support for a mattress or soft part of the sofa.

Bed Slats Sizes and Dimensions

We produce bed slats of all the standard sizes. The main dimensions are: length, width, thickness. There is also a possibility to manufacture custom-sized bed slats according to the customer’s requirements.

Length 500мм…1600mm
Width 38, 53, 68mm
Thickness 8, 10, 12mm
radius R 3,8; 4,5; 6;
Weight m3 820 kg

Why do you need bed slats

  • Our bed slats are necessary for beds and sofas. They prevent the mattress from sagging or shifting. Slats also help weight distribution throughout a mattress and keep the sleeper laying on top of a firmer mattress instead of sinking or sagging into a mattress.
  • The manufacturer defines (independently or with the help of our managers) which bed slats and what quantity he needs for his construction.
  • The type of bed slats attachment is also important (see below)

Qualities and the principle of work

A bed slat is a springy element of a bed or sofa construction. Its curved shape acts like a spring. A curving radius defines how convex the bar is (r 3.8 – more round). The bed slat is attached with the help of special plastic fixings.
The kind of fixings also defines the way bed slat acts under the weight influence. One bed slat can carry the weight up to 40 kg.
You can find more information in the section «Plastic holders and fixings».

Our company offers high quality bed slats made from natural beech wood.

  • We work on the modern equipment.
  • The materials we use are environmentally- friendly.
  • All the glues we use in our production are safe, which was verified with the special analysis of our products for formaldehyde content EN 717-2: 1994 “Wood-based panels”.
  • The bed slats are completely of our own production.