Orthopedic Slatted Bed Bases (Wooden Frame)

Variety of models and sizes


with legs
All sizes


designed to drop into your existing bed (no legs)
All sizes


All sizes

BD series with a lifting gear

with hand -and auto-regulation of body position.
All sizes

The Advantages of Beech Wood Orthopedic Bed Frames from LLC Tehno Plus

  • natural materials – beech wood (best ratio of elasticity and damage resistance)
  • lightweight construction
  • silent fixings of bed slats
  • sturdy special bed frame (rail). It differs from metal rails with silence and long lasting life.
  • easy to deliver and assemble
  • wide variety of models and specifications.

Orthopedic Slatted Bed Frames

Our product will create the perfect balance of comfort and support!

Company Tehno manufactures high-quality orthopedic slatted bed bases from beech wood.

The era of metal springs and chipboard mattress bases has come to an end. Modern technologies allow us to manufacture sturdy, silent and lightweight bed bases.

The bed base consists of outer beech wood rails and cross rails (bed slats) . Due to their elasticity, bed slats distribute the weight of your body. They also multiply the orthopedic effect of your mattress. The bed slats are attached to the frame with the help of special rubber fixings.

Unlike metal bed frames, our bed bases are made of lightweight, 100% natural and easy to use materials. Together with the mattress our wooden bed base can serve our clients as a ready bed.

Bed Base from the company Tehno is transported in a small packaging and is easy to assemble. Wooden frames come as separate elements that have to be assembled together.

Company TEHNO offers various modifications of the bed bases:

  • with sprung (duo) bed slat fixing for better elasticity and softness of your bed
  • with a lifting gear to adjust the position of the head and legs
  • with slat stiffness regulators, weight distributors
  • budget models