Bent-glued details

serve as a sturdy basis for chairs, armchairs and other furniture items

Bent-glued details are items made of thin layers of wood (veneer) glued and bent together. Complying with certain technologies, bent-glued veneer can be shaped into any configuration (curved, convex, etc.) Bent-glued details don’t have sharp edges, they are lightweight and can serve as a basic element for furniture. These products are perfectly suitable for kids furniture, excluding the possibility for an injury.

Where and how can you use our bent-glued elements

  • In furniture production as a basis for chairs, armchairs, backrests and other furniture items
  • As a facade of the furniture elements.
  • For designers of furniture companies, who like to combine our bent-glued elements with aluminum, glass, steel, etc.
  • Kids and school furniture is a very important and separate branch, where you can use our bent-glued elements.

Our bent-glued plywood is firm and, at the same time, springy, natural and environmentally-friendly, resistant to mechanical damage. Bent-glued details combine harmony and functionality.

We produce details to the majority of modern chairs and armchairs:

Bent-glued plywood for dining and office chairs

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Bent-glued plywood for school chairs

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We manufacture bent-glued plywood from beech veneer. Each model of the chair, armchair or seat has its individual, unique form, which is why bent-glued detail is selected and agreed with each customer individually. We ask you to send the request for the bent-glued detail with the description of the necessary model (probably you even have the needed press form), its draft (drawing)and the photos. Our managers will respond to your request asap and provide you with the information about the possibility to manufacture the products you need, will specify the prices and cooperation terms.

In addition, we are ready to install special metal screws — “nuts” on the bent-flued plywood according to the needs of the customer. This will lessen the quantity of operation at your manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing process for bent-glued detail: