BD-Series Budget

BD -11 budget single slatted bed base with legs (mortised joinery)

70*190/200 cm
80*190/200 cm
90*190/200 cm
100*190/200 cm
110*190/200 cm
120*190/200 cm
130*190/200 cm

BD -21 budget twin slatted bed base with legs (mortised joinery)

140*190/200 cm
160*190/200 cm
180*190/200 cm
200*190/200 cm

Slatted bed frames of BD series Budget — are money-saving single and twin bed frames.
Bed frames of BD budget series differ from our basic model with another type of legs attachment. Instead of special plastic corners, we use wooden bars to which legs are attached. ( See the photo below). Twin models also have a leg in its center for extra support.

In this category, a bed slat is mortised exceptionally with the help of plastic holder. Together with a mattress, this bed frame can serve our clients as a ready bed. The total height of this bed frame with legs is 30 cm from the floor to the upper edge.

Additional options:

  • legs can be manufactured in custom sizes (according to your requirements)
  • slat stiffness regulator.